We’re hiring – Engagement Manager position

Brief for Freelance Engagement Manager

Starting: 1st June 2020

£2,756 fee contract for 26.5 days @£15 per hour over a period of  5 months  (average 1 day per week)

The Engagement Manager role is a home-based role, working closely with Project Manager, Carolyn Black. You will be required to have computer skills and experience of flexible working.

Canopy is a creative network in the Forest of Dean that supports a wide range of cultural activities to thrive. We do this by developing effective networks and meaningful engagement between artists, communities and businesses. In short, we want to ensure that the arts are accessible to all.

We are grateful to Arts Council England for awarding us an Emergency Response Grant to support this post. This enables us to create opportunities for FoD based artists to create engaging activities, as well as sustain the canopy network during the pandemic.

We’re looking for someone confident that they can deliver the tasks below, and possesses the skills required to successfully shape an engaging programme of activity.

DOWNLOAD brief for engagement manager

instagram post for canopy engagement manager


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